Press commentaries

Press commentaries

“Philharmonie Cologne: Outstanding success! Luisa Imorde jumps in for Yefim Bronfman.”

• Ursula Hartlapp-Lindemeyer, Opernmagazin, March 2019 •

“Luisa Imorde plays Woelfl as well as Beethoven with eloquent articulation, a sense of humour and refined technique. A pianist of the first order, who moves with ease even off the mainstream.“

• Wilfried Schäper, Radio Bremen, February 2019 •

“The new CD “L’Affaire d’Honneur” by Luisa Imorde is not only an outstanding calling card of a young and very ambitious pianist: At the same time it tells a thrilling story of the musical relationship between three composers.“

• Jan Ritterstaedt, WDR3 CD-Tipp, January 2019 •

“Bravo for this brilliant debut CD.“

• Frank Siebert, FONO FORUM 9/16 •

One will have to remember the name of this intelligent und courageous young lady.“ 

• SWR2 •

“The relaxed way of dealing with emotionality in the playing of the pianist is thrilling. She combines a mature technique with an overwhelming passion for the piece and her instrument to an auditory experience that ignites the spirit and enflames the heart.“

• Süddeutsche Zeitung •

“Sense and sensibility go hand in hand, when Luisa Imorde – once gracefully, once yearningly, once solemnly, once humourous, but also excited and full of ardour –combines the poetry, the joyous, the pensive, the serious and the grotesque of Widmann’s and Schumann’s miniatures to a closed whole – just as it is the nature of the circus.“

• Christof Jetzschke, Klassik heute, June 2016 •

“The most original and stimulating solo CD debut of the year is called »Zirkustänze«.“

• Dirk Hühner, rbb Kulturradio „Talente und Karrieren“, November 2016 •