Release: May 2022

On her new album "Polychromie", which will be released on 06 May 2022, the young German pianist Luisa Imorde lets two composers from France enter into dialogue - François Couperin and Olivier Messiaen. Just as Le Corbusier knew how to bring contrasting colours into perfect harmony with his "Polychromie Architecturale", a similar effect is revealed here: the colours of sound are, as it were, complementary to each other - in a perfectly balanced polychromy.

"Moon Rainbow"

Release: March 2020

Pianist Luisa Imorde loves innovative combinations: following on from circus dances by Schumann and Widmann and the affair of honour between Woelfl and Beethoven, she now prepares to cast light on Johann Sebastian Bach and Nikolai Kapustin. This is an album whose spectrum ranges from Baroque counterpoint through to polyrhythmic jazz sounds.


Release: February 2019

1798: Two titans of music meet for a competition of a special kind. Luisa Imorde revives this musical trial of strength at the piano.


Robert Schuhmann, Jörd Widmann
Release: May 2016

• "Star of the month" FONO FORUM 9/16
• "Classical CD of the month" STEREO 9/16
• SWR2 CD recommendation June 2016